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Kendal S. Turner is an Atlanta based Spoken word Artist, Motivational speaker, Author, Print model and Actress.  After graduating from Booker T. Washington High School in Tulsa, OK and a brief stint at Dillard University in New Orleans, LA, Kendal began a journey that lead her to be a beacon of light for the hopeless. From tragedy to triumph, Kendal became an internationally acclaimed author and poet. 

Kendal has taken the responsibility of being a phenomenal woman to the next level. In addition to three inspiring  books of poetry, “Broken Yet Sustained By God,” “Anatomy of the Soul” and “Epiphany,” Kendal has also published a page turning autobiography.  “Thick Skin” is a gritty, in-your-face autobiography detailing her accounts of rape, abuse and sexual identity crisis that Kendal wrote to not only free herself from the bondage of past hurt, but also to guide others through their journey of healing.

In addition to her great literary contributions, Kendal is also a model featured in Essence Magazines first natural hair edition, and is the face of Lord & Cliff hair products. She has modeled for The Housewives of Atlanta's Dwight Eubanks, who is the owner of Purple door salon in Midtown Atlanta. Kendal has also dabbled in runway modeling at the Queer fashion week in Oakland California.

Through her gift, Kendal has broken barriers in religion, sharing a stage with Dr. Bobby Jones, Darlene Bishop, Dr. Medina Pullings and Pastor Charles Martin. She has graced the stage of TBN and performed live on Atlanta's local people Tv station for the show "Between poets". She has been interviewed on good good radio, 106.4 FM, and Nuradio in Atlanta.

Her charitable work in the community has a afforded her the opportunity to be featured on the cover of the Oklahoma Herald and The Edmond Sun. In 2016, Kendal won the BPC poetryfest dopest performer award. She spoke to Atlanta's prestigious NAACP Clayton county Freedom fund banquet, as well as, the Perry learning center- adult education program in Clayton county.

Kendal made her first acting debut in a short film titled, "Les Be Honest" which brought to light the domestic violence in the lgbt community. In addition she has appeared on TV Ones, "Here we go again" along the likes of Letoya Luckett and Wendy Raquel Robinson. As well as Oprah's "Greenleaf" series.

Kendal tackles hard issues with unapologetic boldness.  She has mastered the delicate art of applying her spirituality to everyday life and being relatable to people of all nationalities, religions and genders.  This relatability has made her a category 5, hurricane strength force in the spoken word community.  She has shared the stage with spoken word legends Sunni Patterson, Black Ice, Talaam Acey, Georgia Me, Queen Sheeba and Obbie West, just to name a few. Kendal has garnered a reputation for being a quiet storm in the spoken word community as a soft spoken, bowtie wearing, force to be reckoned with.

When Kendal isn’t busy saving souls, her other full time gig is being the coolest mom on the planet to two amazing sons

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The Power of 22

Packed with an extraordinary wealth of insight, Kendal presents real-life stories, of divine intervention and guidance, that will help you cultivate your intuition. This groundbreaking literary piece speaks to the work of the soul, and delivers a fresh and reassuring message. God’s got you! You will discover the importance of the power of words, thoughts and actions. By learning how to go with the flow of inner guidance, you can manifest your highest vision for yourself. The power of 22 will help you to positively change your life, and open yourself up to the supernatural senses, through which angels want to communicate


Thick Skin (autobiography)

This powerful true story of self discovery is one that stays with you long after you finish reading it. Kendal gives a very detailed account of her real life drama and the overseeing challenges of coming to grips with her past. This is an intensely dramatic recount of the evolving and changing relationships that contributed to what she depicts as Thick Skin. In this book, she moves smoothly from one remarkable and often unbelievable story to the next. Kendal doesn't pull any punches, as she creates scenes that crackle with tension and suspense. This book is a life jacket for both broken men and women.


Epiphany (poetry)

Kendal S. Turner’s Epiphany, paints a picture with such vivid strokes of literary imagery, to propel your spiritual journey beyond normal reality. Turner succeeds in addressing the process toward psychological and spiritual growth, with her ability to find commonality among her readers. Turner is straightforward in aim as well as honest about her own indiscretions. She grabs the reader by the shoulders in her candid reflections in each Epiphany. After reading this book, you will leave inspired and encouraged to face your spiritual truths, release your strongholds, walk into your destiny and dance in your deliverance.


Anatomy of the soul (poetry)

Anatomy of The Soul gives a closer look at the spiritual warfare that Kendal has documented in her observation of human behavior. This book not only dissects the anatomy of the spiritual make up of ones soul, but also gives the reader guidance, hope and a better understanding of the reasoning behind our behavior. Each poem is followed by a scripture to reiterate the word of God, and emphasize on how to change our mindset instead of remaining bound by the afflictions of the enemy. Anatomy of My Soul reveals in more depth the struggles of her past, the redemptive power of Christ and the peace, prosperity and pleasures of Kingdom living. Many of the subjects in Kendal s writings would be considered controversial to most. The issues she exposes, however, are very real. They are issues that many individuals hide deep inside; the issues that are buried within and covered by thick layers of pain. Anatomy of My Soul will require you to change your perception of who you really are, and challenge you to walk in victory in every aspect of your life


Broken yet sustained by God (poetry)

Broken Yet Sustained By God is a motivational and inspirational collection of poems from the life of Kendal S. Turner. It provides both believers and non-believers with an uplifting, enriching and joyful reading experience that will celebrate the beginning of their lifetime journey. Kendal S. Turner boldly and eloquently expresses the pain, perseverance, and spiritual manifestations of her life's experiences. For anyone who is at a standstill in their relationship with God, these poems will encourage you to rebound from life's obstacles. They will challenge you to seek the face of God in the midst of adversity. Most importantly, they will empower you to fulfill your destiny as an heir in the royal family of Jesus Christ!

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